Meet Ahmad Joudeh, borne a stateless refugee from Syria he came to the Netherlands after the incredible documentary Dance Or Die. Watch this astonishing in depth interview, where he shares how he was born in a refugee camp, was stateless for 30 years, but loved dance and escaped problems by immersing himself into his passion. It is an incredible story of daily bombings, narrow escapes, … Continue reading EP0028 AHMAD JOUDEH | SYRIA

Fascinating Interviews & A Better Internet

We’re capping off our grant period from the Grant For The Web with three fascinating interviews about ballet around the world. We’re joined by world renowned Syrian dancer Ahamd Joudeh, Lebanese ballerina Janine Younes, and Dutch National Ballet principal dancer Jozef Varga interviews Casey Herd about how he started Ballet Rising, all filmed in person, in Amsterdam. The films are available now for Coil subscribers … Continue reading Fascinating Interviews & A Better Internet


A former principal dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle and the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam, Casey fell in love with travel during his years on the road as a ballet dancer. Following his retirement from the stage in 2016, he embarked on a new project that combines his love for ballet with his love for learning about the world. Here he describes the inspiration behind Ballet Rising. Continue reading BEHIND BALLET RISING