We want to encourage people around the world to take a part in building this project and engage on a new level by coordinating all different resources. This is a global project and when the people of the world come together and each give little amounts and/or support, they become a part of that movement. We want the world to take this idea and make it a force for all arts and cultures. We will be inviting private donations and grants to help launch this project with the ultimate goal of building a strong global community with crowdfunding as one of our media.


We want to encourage the leaders of the ballet world to join us and take a coordinated effort to help the development of ballet as it grows across the planet. To be able to do this we are looking for people and communities in all parts of the planet who are truly dedicated to building a world standard of ballet as well as cultivating mutually beneficial cultural and artistic relationships.  It is important to identify local communities who might one day contribute to the global community and we are looking hard. It is our hope that established individuals and companies can then begin to  help them grow. As ballet continues to evolve and expand we can help it by concentrating our efforts in areas where it can have a meaningful impact. We can encourage a more structured approach to how things can be organised and implemented. Things like a proper curriculum and the sharing of health related ideas. Other things like programming , fundraising, outreach, are just a few things we can give people in these communities support and guidance on.


One aspect of this project is to put ballet at the forefront of bridging cultural divides by building mutually beneficial relationships with traditional forms of dance in these regions and helping them thrive alongside each other. We can encourage people to learn and take pride in their local arts and give opportunities to those who wish to study global styles of dance like ballet. In traditional ballet-centric societies many choreographers have integrated other styles of dance. We believe in continuing this tradition and as ballet expands more inspirations will come from greater interaction as well as an understanding of these regions. Through this we will encourage people around the world to learn about these local styles and build a high level of appreciation for their unique qualities. We can encourage ballet and other styles of dance as a means of exposing people to new trains of thought and expression while promoting the importance of local traditions as well.


The ultimate aim of the project is to help these communities become self-sustainable economically and strong in their artistic vision. We will be offering them guidance and helping them get access to material goods and expertise from established people and companies in the hopes that they can build a stronger support base in their region.

We will help cultivate a global talent pool of dancers, choreographers, teachers and many more. This new wave of talent can draw on inspiration and ideologies from around the world and spark a new age of creative ideas in the dance world. We can also encourage a new generation of ballet fans and sponsors from all corners of the world to support the continuing evolution and rich history of ballet.


We believe it is the mission of this project  to help and support ballet to thrive where there is already a genuine interest. We aim to do a lot of outreach in these communities. Speaking at events, teaching free classes, organising performances and building relationships with local arts organisations. As the importance of ballet and its positive influence is evident, It is also important to pay close attention to the sensitive nature of cultural encounters and so the drive must originate with the community. We can then help them grow alongside their local customs in a more productive manner. While we encourage the exposure of ballet to people in all walks of life, it is important to not only use the project resources towards areas where it can be most effective, but also the sustainability of the project relies on the community’s drive.


We want to stress the importance of dance around the world and the idea that dance acts as a social cohesion. Cultures around the world express themselves through highly specialized styles. People in these societies learn to dance and in doing so they learn how they can stand out as individuals as well as how they fit into the bigger picture. It's an excellent tool for team building. It’s also an incredibly effective tool for learning and expressing complex subjects like feelings and ideas and passing on local traditions. Dance is a discipline that is a full body experience. Like many of the arts it drives your imagination to understand abstract subjects but dancers do it with all parts of their bodies and in conjunction with various rhythms. For these reasons and many more, like the obvious health reasons, dance is an important art form for people and societies to promote around the world.


We want to highlight people doing unique things that expresses their strong desire to build dedicated ballet communities in their regions and tell the world their stories. Through videos and blog posts on our website and through social media we will connect in a variety of ways. With so many incredibly talented dancers who are now writers, filmmakers, photographers and many more, we want to share our experiences in ways that help the global community understand what we are doing, how we are doing it and to be a part of it.

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Since retiring from ballet I’ve felt the need to give something back to an art form that gave me so much. Starting ballet as a kid gave me a sense of purpose and a community of people I identified with. Ballet was a dream that I managed to accomplish and I want to help as many people as I can to feel the incredible amount of fulfillment I did in setting goals and reaching them. Many people around the world would love to study ballet and maybe become a professional dancer and I want to do what I can to help whoever I can. Spreading the joy of dance as a means of having fun far beyond studying to become a professional is how I believe I can find my place in this art form beyond my years of dancing. I want to help build future fans of ballet who will one day support these rising communities and continue to “pay it forward.” - Casey Herd