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Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Discovering dance through Youtube, young Yos Clark embarks on a journey that takes him as far as London. THrough Working with the talented african, Casey learns just how many different obstacles yos has overcome to make his dreams come true.


ethiopia boat.jpg

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As the Gala nears, dancers descend upon the thriving hub of Ethiopia’s capital city. Africa is the next frontier for a truly grassroots led ballet scene.


Guadalajara, Mexico 

Reuniting with dance legend Isaac Hernandez, Casey finds that Mexico is producing top tier talent that is poised to take the ballet world by storm. Casey travels to the school Isaac’s family started to see first hand the talent Mexico is producing.



New Delhi, INDIA

Casey meets up with Indian Ballerina Ritika Chandra to learn about the emerging classical ballet scene in New Delhi.



Ourinhos, Brazil


Daniel Camargo, principal dancer with the Dutch National Ballet, shows where it all started for him. He discusses his journey that now includes international Headlines at the most Prestigious theaters around the world and His recent Benois de la dance nomination is an astounding acknowledgement that the young phenom is only getting started. With daniel’s guidance we see the challenges that still lie ahead for the exploding ballet scene in Brazil.



Manila, Philippines

Casey meets up with Filipina- American Ballerina, Stella Abrera, upon her return to Manila. She helps us navigate the dynamic dance scene resonating out of the capital city. The timing coincides with the tour of the American BalleT Theatre’s studio company led by Sascha Radetsky. The two take us on a journey where the emerging ballet world interacts effortlessly with the stars of the West.