We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who contributes to the launch of Ballet Rising by recognising your generosity on our Founders Page. We will forever be thankful to those of you who have helped to get us started. 

  • Victoria Pulkkinen Chiarelli

  • Briana Stuart

  • Laura Rosillo

  • Laura Heffernan

  • Jennifer Halquist Coloney

  • Sasha Mukhamedov

  • Renae Niles

  • Aya Hamilton

  • Matt Anderton

  • James Moore

  • Justine Arscott

  • Simon Fisher

  • Lynch Dance Institute

* multipile donations

  • Craig Bradley

  • Sherry Chatterji

  • Mary Thomaston

  • Lynn Peoples

  • Mary Payne

  • Casey Herd

  • Marianne Stegeland

  • Clay Warner*

  • Paul Herd

  • Randy Thym

  • Isabel Fernandez

  • Charlene Bradt

  • Prince A. Sanders

  • 9 Anonymous

If you would like to be on our Founders List please visit our crowdfunding site and donate to Ballet Rising today.





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