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As we connect people through documentaries about the growth of ballet spreading across the planet, we can bring the world a little closer by helping our audiences understand how people from vastly different backgrounds have come together to take part in this global art called ballet.


Ballet Rising will be bringing unique stories of people pushing boundaries in the world of classical ballet to global audiences. As a means of connecting with our supporters, encouraging growing communities, and expanding appreciation for ballet, we will be highlighting individuals who are going to great lengths to develop ballet communities in places where few would imagine. Tales of courage, passion, and overcoming the odds drive all of us to dream big. We want to encourage the global dance community to get to know these people and to see first hand the power of the human spirit. In each location, as we are assessing their situation, we will follow them and bring out what pushes them forward. We want to know how they came to fall in love with ballet. We will focus on the kinds of difficulties they face and how they plan to overcome them. We want to highlight cultural subjects that pertain to their location and contrast that with subjects that the global community is engaged with. As we connect people through documentaries about the growth of ballet spreading across the planet, we can bring the world a little closer by helping our audiences understand how people from vastly different backgrounds have come together to take part in this global art called ballet. 


This is only the beginning of Ballet Rising. As this initiative will ultimately be multifaceted and far reaching, we will start with basic objectives before scaling up to develop a world class organization capable of delivering quality results to the global arts community. 

At this stage we are raising funds for two additional locations that will build upon our first trip to India. The possible locations are Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Ivory Coast. We are gathering media materials, making connections and building on previous experiences. This initial stage will primarily consist of Casey and Chris traveling to places of interest to work with people and communities as well as meeting people in major ballet-centric cities to coordinate future plans. While Casey will be teaching classes, conducting interviews, meeting with community leaders, and engaging in various types of outreach while Chris is gathering video and still-documentation as well as coordinating overall planning and logistics.

During this initial phase we will be updating our supporters through our website and social media with videos and blog posts to give everyone a chance to see our progress. 

Once we launch the full project we will be producing quality content on a regular basis for the world arts community and our sponsors and will begin to bring a wider variety of experts in all the areas vital to building sustainable, culturally conscious, dance communities around the world. We will be delivering podcasts with interviews, video content, still image galleries, and much more for the global community to understand how, why and where ballet is growing.

We are looking for support through crowdfunding as well as sponsors for the launch phase of Ballet Rising. As this initiative aims to reach a large global audience we invite sponsors and partners to contact us for any questions.



This project will help cultivate a global talent pool of dancers, choreographers, teachers and many more. This new wave of talent can draw on inspiration and ideologies from around the world and spark a new age of creative ideas in the dance world. We can also encourage a new generation of ballet fans and sponsors from all corners of the world to support the continuing evolution and rich history of ballet.



One aspect of this project is to put ballet at the forefront of bridging cultural divides by building mutually beneficial relationships with traditional forms of dance in these regions and helping them thrive alongside one another.


We can encourage people to learn and take pride in their local arts and give opportunities to those who wish to study global styles of dance, like ballet. In traditional ballet-centric societies many choreographers have integrated other styles of dance. We believe in continuing this tradition and as ballet expands more inspirations will come from greater interaction as well as an understanding of these regions. Through this we will encourage people around the world to learn about these local styles and build a higher level of appreciation for their unique qualities. We can encourage ballet and other styles of dance as a means of exposing people to new trains of thought and expression while promoting the importance of local traditions as well.


It is important to point out that Ballet Rising will be a sustained effort. We want to cooperate with like-minded projects and build upon their work with the idea that we will continue to revisit and build lasting relationships. The ultimate aim is to highlight the communities we are engaged with and help them become self-sustainable economically and strong in their artistic vision. That will require us to continually revisit and reassess their development over time. Where others might spark curiosity, we intend to have a lasting influence. Connections and real progress take time, so we want to stay the course throughout this process to bring their developing stories to global audiences.


Ballet Rising is all about helping societies around the world achieve optimal levels of art, expression, independence, and opportunity. However we can achieve that, we are all in! It’s not about us and there are many wonderful people and projects doing incredible things. We want to hear from artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and builders. How can we work together to take steps towards building a better world? Please let us know if there is anything we can do together. We want to hear from you!