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By creating digital media about the impact of ballet around the world, we aim to demonstrate how individuals and communities with different backgrounds are connected through this global art form.


Ballet Rising will collect and highlight stories of people who are pushing the boundaries of classical ballet beyond its usual borders. We’ll be sharing inspiring tales of courage, passion, and perseverance, encouraging the global dance community to engage with ballet in new and unexpected locales. We’ll learn what motivates the people we visit, how they overcome obstacles, and how their culture shapes ballet. We’ll explore the ways that local culture changes ballet, contrasting ballet practices from one place to the next.

With this in mind, we have three goals: to build a Ballet Rising community, to encourage and strengthen the global ballet communities we encounter on our travels, and to expand appreciation for ballet. Ballet Rising is bringing the world a little closer together by demonstrating how individuals of different backgrounds can take part in shaping the same art form.

Read on to learn about our long-term goals.



Ballet Rising is just beginning. We are currently in our launch phase. After producing our first round of content, we will scale up to deliver a broad range of digital media products for the global arts community.

During the launch phase, we are raising funds for two site visits that will build upon our first trip to India. The first of these new trips will be to Brazil in August 2019. The next location might be Ethiopia, or Ivory Coast. On these visits, we will be gathering media materials, making connections, and building on previous experiences. Casey will teach classes, conduct interviews, meet with community leaders, and engage in outreach, while Chris will gather video and still-documentation and coordinate logistics. Both will also meet leaders in ballet-centric cities to coordinate future plans.

In this initial phase we will update our supporters through our website and social media with videos and blog posts to give everyone a chance to see our progress. 

After completing this first round of media content, Ballet Rising will launch the full project. We will produce quality digital material on a regular basis for the world arts community and our sponsors. We plan to interview and work with a wide variety of experts in all the areas vital to building sustainable, culturally conscious dance communities around the world. We will produce podcasts with interviews, video content, still image galleries, articles, and much more that will explore how, why and where ballet is growing on a global scale. 

We are looking for support through crowdfunding as well as sponsorship for the launch phase of Ballet Rising. We invite sponsors and partners to contact us for any questions.


GLOBAL results

This project will help cultivate a global talent pool of dancers, choreographers, teachers and dance leaders. We hope to encourage a new wave of talent to draw inspiration from ballet communities around the world—sparking a new age of dance creativity. We also strive to build a new generation of ballet fans and sponsors that hail from all corners of the world, who support the continuing evolution and rich history of ballet.


Ballet Rising will demonstrate that ballet can bridge cultural divides as dancers build mutually beneficial relationships between ballet and traditional forms of art around the world, allowing both to thrive together. We can encourage communities to take pride in their local art forms, while also supporting those who are curious to study global styles of dance, like ballet. Many ballet choreographers have integrated other styles of dance into their work, and we believe in continuing this tradition. As ballet grows on a global scale, we believe that ballet dancers and choreographers will have more source for inspiration in new cultures and regions. Ballet Rising will encourage people everywhere to learn about local styles of movement and appreciate their unique qualities.


Ballet Rising supports arts sustainability. We will promote this goal by forming lasting, mutually reinforcing relationships with other artists, initiatives, and dance communities around the world. Our plan is to work together with different groups on a sustained, repeated basis, with the ultimate goal of bringing attention to lesser known ballet projects, helping these groups achieve economic sustainability, and promoting their artistic vision. We intend to revisit dance communities many times, not only sparking interest but building deep relationships.


Our primary aim is to help communities around the world achieve optimal levels of art, expression, independence, and opportunity. Whatever it takes—we’re all in! We’re here to showcase creativity around the world. We want to hear from artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and builders. If you have ideas, we want to know!

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