We create digital media for a global audience. Our goal is to produce brand entertainment in collaboration with companies that seek worldwide brand recognition through sponsored content. Contact us to see how we can work together.

A new type of film has come of age: an immersive experience where artists create stories that bring viewers into their world, a form of entertainment that invites viewers to connect with art on a human level. Brand entertainment—where companies sponsor artistic work of this kind—introduces audiences to new ideas, products, and lifestyles and encourages lasting relationships between consumers and brand identity in a more subtle way than traditional advertising. Brand entertainment puts creativity and consumer identity first.

Instead of using traditional marketing, which can be easily tuned out, brand entertainment invites viewers to go on a journey that takes them to unexplored terrain. Brand entertainment is not invasive: instead, it encourages people to share experiences, make choices, and build community that is mutually beneficial for both the consumer and the corporate sponsor.

Ballet Rising aims to create brand entertainment that tells a story that fits with the ethos of our corporate sponsors and our audiences. Our digital media does not feel like an advertisement. We strive for creativity and authenticity by collaborating with companies that want to engage with the issues that matter most in today’s world.


Brand Entertainment

Brand entertainment has proven to be successful for top commercial brands. Fashion companies like Chanel, Prada, and Dior, as well as outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face, have adopted this model with success. BMW and Absolut Vodka have pioneered this approach, hiring legendary filmmakers and directors, including David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Dennis Hopper, John Woo, and Guy Ritchie, to spread their messages.

But brand entertainment has yet to be utilized in the dance world. Ballet Rising is changing the game. We’re introducing a new era of collaboration between artists, corporate creators, and audiences to make your brand synonymous with an authenticity that is truly global.