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Brand Entertainment

A new type of film has come of age. A form of entertainment where artists collaborate with companies to create compelling stories that immerse their audiences in experiences and lifestyles that promote lasting relationships between individuals and brand identity. They are engaging with audiences and moving people without the overt and often insulting corporate logos being repeatedly thrust upon everyone. These brand supported works have become increasingly popular in the film industry and with companies looking to expand their reach to form a sense of community with their customers. They’ve chosen to entice their supporters by respecting what people want first, then putting their products around that desire through creative films.

As we live in an increasing world of logos and sales pitches popping up in every corner of our reality, people are becoming irritated with traditional marketing. People tune out and become annoyed by companies invading their privacy. Instead branded entertainment allows people to enjoy these stories and invites them to go on a journey through riveting entertainment. Traditional advertising literally invades our lives, getting in our faces, trying to sell us things we have no need or desire for, while branded entertainment welcomes us to share in a moment that speaks about who we are and what desires we have. Brand supported works encourage people to share in a journey and an identity the consumer wants and it becomes a mutually beneficial experience.

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As the emphasis is on telling a story and moving the audience, it is not product placement but rather using a story that fits with the ethos of a company. Clearly if the film feels like an ad and products are stressed, people see it and they lose all interest. Authenticity is the key as companies who strive to be the pinnacle of their market understand that their brand must be leaders of thought, not just peddlers of products. Artist and brand collaborations reach further and speak about deeper subjects by being informative about poignant topics far beyond a simple message of what to buy. Relevant subjects that give people a wider perspective of the world and fit with the ideology a company embodies can help audiences have a deeper understanding and a more informed purchasing power.

This new model of advertisement through branded films have proven to be wildly successful for top commercial brands’ engagement. Top fashion brands such as Chanel, Prada and Dior, as well as outdoor brands like Patagonia, and The North Face, have used this model to great effect. Even Car companies like BMW and food companies like Absolut Vodka have hired legendary filmmakers to spread their messages. Leading directors like David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Dennis Hopper, John Woo, and Guy Ritchie, are just a few of the many big names involved in this new type of film.

Yet it hasn't been utilized within the dance world. Our goal is to create content that taps directly into one's identity as a member of the dance world and speak to our audience on a personal and intimate level. By engaging the dance community to help facilitate a new type of connection between artists around the world, we want to use this cutting edge style of marketing to make your brand synonymous with an authentic sense of unity that is truly global. We want to remove the old fashioned and overtly out of context ad placement that can feel overwhelming, and maintain a high sense of credibility and artistic integrity. We want to pull the dance world into this new era of collaboration to reach new heights of exposure for your company.