Making ballet more accessible by empowering emerging ballet communities in the most unlikely places

Hi, I am Casey Herd,

founder of Ballet Rising, a former principal dancer with the Dutch National Ballet, and guest artist with numerous world-leading ballet companies.

After my retirement from the stage in 2016, I was inspired to found Ballet Rising together with Laura Rosillo, as a means of giving back to the art form that gave us so much.

Throughout its history, ballet stars primarily hailed from Europe and North America.
Today, that’s changing.

Ballet Rising cultivates a vibrant ballet world, connecting global audiences with the social, individual, and economic benefits of supporting dance in their communities. We provide vital support to artists, faculty, and students who have long been on the fringes of the ballet community, offering fundraising, education, networking, and advocacy.

Through our media platform, we share inspiring stories from our network, fostering awareness of the evolving journeys. Ballet Rising stands at the crossroads of hope and progress, showcasing ballet’s transformative power in an interconnected world.

Ballet Rising is a community development organization dedicated to making ballet more accessible by empowering emerging ballet communities in the most unlikely places.

We address a lack of connectivity at the edges of the global ballet community with the aim of expanding opportunities and collaboration through financial support, networking, and awareness.

Ballet Rising goes beyond nurturing dancers and talent discovery.
We promote ballet's wide-ranging benefits for all, contributing to a positive impact on society.

Our achievements


Ballet Rising produced a documentary film featuring Daniel Robert Silva, a rising star in the Dutch National Ballet, whose journey began in a small city in Brazil with humble beginnings.

Educational workshops

Casey Herd has had the honor of teaching ballet both in person and online to ballet schools in Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and India.
Casey Herd’s advocacy for dance support in all communities led him to speak in schools across India, sharing insights into his life and career as a professional ballet dancer.

Media and Reporting

We’ve extensively reported on individuals breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries through podcasts, articles, and video interviews. They serve as shining examples of the human drive to communicate and create through movement and community.

Elevating Dancers’ Futures

Ballet Rising supports aspiring dancers in securing funds for their studies at esteemed institution.

Casey Herd and Laura Rosillo, founders of Ballet Rising

What people say about Ballet Rising

Esperança movie moved me, emotionally and in dancing.
Raw and beautiful!

Yanty H.

Esperança beautifully portrays Daniel Robert Silva’s inspiring journey from humble beginnings to the Dutch National Ballet’s rising star.
A moving testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of art!

Roma F.

Could never imagine the heartbreaking life story watching Daniel Silva shine on stage until I saw Esperança movie.

Jan S.

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