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Sally Chandra is the artistic director of Flamboyant Ballet School in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Flamboyant Ballet School was founded by the late Mr. Eddy Soenarto, RAD, RTS. (12 May 1941 – 1 July 2014) on 1 November 1972. Graduated from Dutch Ballet Academy in 1983, he came back to Indonesia to share his knowledge and dance skill to Indonesian society. After more than 43 years, Flamboyant Ballet School has become one of the biggest ballet schools and has been acknowledged in Indonesia. Having more than 10 branches which become the place and accommodation for more than 500 dancers, It applies a high dedication in dancing technique skill and discipline to every single student. Using Royal Academy of Dance which is located in London, England as our syllabus, Flamboyant Ballet School has successfully graduated students to A.R.A.D whose skills are admitted internationally.After Mr. Eddy Soenarto passed away, his dedicated teacher team is still continuing Flamboyant Ballet School and still thriving to give the best to the students.

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