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Meet Janine Younes who had to leave her native Lebanon because of the situation in the Middle-East and came to Amsterdam. She gave us an insight into Ballet in Lebanon, the first ballet school founded by one of her teachers and how she herself discovered ballet only at the age of 20! There was no stopping her after that and the first 4 years she accomplished not only daily classes but also studied for her MBA at University! Listen for more of her stories and to get to know the culture and hospitality of the Lebanese people.

Janine Younes was born in Tannourine, Lebanon, and has been dancing since 2003. She started dancing at L’école Libanaise de Ballet for 4 years after which she moved to Beirut Dance Company where she l technique through intensive studies. She also danced in Bahrain, Dubai and with the Macedonian national opera classes. Along with her dance career she pursued an MBA and has extensive work experience in business administration and management. She is currently in Amsterdam with her 2 kids and her pursuing her dance journey.

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