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In 2019 Ballet Rising went to Brazil to tell the story of Daniel Robert Silva, a rising star in the Dutch National Ballet who comes from humble beginnings. Dani Silva embodies the passion and love of art that inspires many to dream big and go far. We are proud to present his story.

We invite you to join us on YouTube, free for everyone to enjoy and to spread the word about our work. The making of this film was a long journey towards bringing unique and inspiring stories about ballet around the world, in unlikely places. We want to highlight wonderful artists who deserve the support and recognition of everyone in the global arts community.


“Home is quite sad, beautiful and humbling in a way.”

For Daniel Robert Silva, now grand sujet at the Dutch National Ballet, coming home is more than just a visit. Growing up in an obscure Brazilian community, life was challenging for the young dancer-to-be. 

In a raw and personal way Daniel reflects on his youth; how he dealt with the fact that while growing up he had no parents around and what it meant for him to have no parental support. 

As the only boy of the family he had to stand his ground and deal with bullying. Not only because he lacked parental supervision and guidelines but also the fact that he was a very flamboyant boy who talked and walked differently and liked to dance.  

At a young age he had to take care for his younger sister like a parent. When his grandmother took them under her wing and into her home, things started to shift for Daniel. 

The love for dance and his family gave Daniel a way out and the possibility to break the cycle of insecurity, bullying and fooling around. His talent was discovered by his mentor and friend for life Guiomar, who was the one who connected him with the international ballet world. 

A vulnerable and honest portrait of a young man, reminiscing about his inspiring and hopeful journey towards becoming a professional, international ballet dancer and artist.

Trailer 2022

Casey Herd | Director, Producer

Chris Weisler | Cinematographer, Co Director

Maarten van ’t Wout | Editor, Post Production

Annebel Kroezen | Producer, Post Production Supervisor

Jaap Kroezen | Audio Post Production

Ballet Rising

Marguerite Wiewel, Lindsay Alissa King

Daniel Robert Silva

Maria das Graca da Silva, Leidiane Izilda da Silva, Ana Carolina da Silva, Kelly Cristina da Silva

Ballet Vortice Escola de Danca

Guiomar Maria Boaventura Melo

Thiago Vinicius Pereira, Joao Vitor Percilio, Caio Correia

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Chris Weisler & Casey Herd | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2019

We believe that ballet talent is not limited to Europe and North America.
We believe that the ballet world is diverse and exciting.
We believe in challenging the status quo of the dance community by connecting people with skills and expertise with those who need support.

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