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Marc Haegeman graduated from the University of Ghent with a master’s degree in history. He developed a keen interest in music, ballet, photography and nature.

As a dance writer he has been contributing to various magazines in the last 20 years, among others Ballet2000 (Torino-Nice), Dance View, Danceviewtimes, Ballet Alert (Washington DC), The Dancing Times (London), Dance Now (London), Dance International (Vancouver), Dance Magazine (USA), Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Moscow), and Brolga (Australia).

As a dance photographer he has been shooting full-length productions of various ballet companies, as well as gala performances all over Europe. His photographs were published in the aforementioned magazines, in theatre programmes, websites, and in many other publications about dance. In September 2017 he exhibited at the Positano Premia La Danza.


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